Auto Products


Coffeen Management Company is one of the few Allstate agents with the ability to offer the option of owning and operating an Allstate insurance agency within your dealership. It’s the exciting opportunity that can truly expand your portfolio of business.

The Allstate Auto Dealer Program is custom-tailored to help dealerships increase sales, acquire new customers and retain existing ones with the power of Allstate.

By owning and operating an Allstate agency, dealerships can:

  • Add new revenue streams with Allstate services and insurance products
  • Receive free education and support from Allstate
  • Attract new customers with the convenience of an on-site Allstate agency
  • Increase credibility with the strong, trusted Allstate brand


Appearance Protection

Automotive protection products keep a customer’s vehicle looking as new as the day it was driven off the lot, helping maintain its value for years to come. Coffeen Management Company offers a unique product line up – sold exclusively through authorized dealerships – that are backed by comprehensive warranties with multiple term options.

Exterior protection includes:

  • Weather-induced fading
  • Loss of gloss
  • Industrial fallout
  • Acid rain
  • Oxidation
  • Road salt
  • Accidental paint overspray

Interior protection includes:

  • Punctures less than 1/4’’
  • Tears less than 1’’
  • Loose stitching
  • Fading
  • Cracking
  • Ink and dye stains
  • Pet stains



Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is an innovative dent repair process. It uses specially designed tools that work from behind a vehicle’s metal panels to manipulate and flex the panel back to its original form — without damaging the vehicle’s factory finish. This unique process takes only a few minutes, so dent repairs are performed easily and conveniently.

PDR does not require the need for any sanding, painting, or body fillers, so vehicles retain their value and shine. The PDR process can repair dents, dings, creases, and hail damage with much less expense and inconvenience than other traditional auto repair methods.

Experienced, nationally certified technicians perform all PDR repairs, so each repair is guaranteed against any future defects or reappearing dents. Adding to the convenience, all customer appointments can be scheduled at the selling dealership’s location.



Coffeen Management Company offers an excess wear & tear program that delivers dependable protection from potential lease-end expenses. Available for leases ranging from 12 to 72 months, our program offers a zero deductible rate and provides vehicle coverage up to $150,000 MSRP.



With Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP), you can protect the vehicle investment rather than just its value. It effectively covers the “gap” between the vehicle’s value and the amount owed, and provides protection to the customer on both new and used vehicles.



Today, many vehicle keys incorporate computer chips for remote locking systems, trunks and starters. As a result, it can often be a costly endeavor should a key need to be replaced. With Key Replacement from Coffeen Management Company, the expenses for a vehicle key replacement are covered in the event a customer’s key is lost, stolen or destroyed.



Coffeen Management Company offers a suite of reliable powertrain warranty options that will go just as far as your vehicle can take you. Providing some of the most comprehensive powertrain warranties available in the market today, our warranty coverages can be customized to suit each customer’s individual needs. With highly trained service technicians and superior coverage options, dealerships can be assured their customers will enjoy peace-of-mind and dependable service for the life of their vehicle.


Warranty Forever is a limited lifetime powertrain warranty that offers customers added assurance and long-term vehicle protection. It is available for both new and pre-owned vehicles and is provided to customers at the time they purchase their vehicle.

Warranty Forever coverage provides dealerships with a range of benefits, including:

  • An effective “Why Buy Here?” sales tactic
  • Customer loyalty and service retention
  • Repeat and referral business



The limited warranty programs offered through Coffeen Management Company are highly customizable and offer a variety of coverage and term options.



Prepaid maintenance plans cover the cost of regularly scheduled maintenance for your customers’ vehicles. By prepaying in advance of any vehicle maintenance, a customer can lock in the cost of labor and maintenance now and enjoy peace of mind knowing prices will not increase later. Prepaid maintenance plans significantly increase customer retention and ensure your customer is properly maintaining their vehicle.

With prepaid maintenance plans, dealerships can offer more benefits to customers:

  • Potential increase in resale value
  • ASE Certified Technicians
  • Properly maintained service records

Coffeen Management Company offers a truly customizable prepaid maintenance plan to ensure each plan makes the most sense for your dealership and, ultimately, your customer. Combining years of experience and our ability to recognize the specialized needs of automotive dealerships, we’re dedicated to creating individualized business strategies designed to improve productivity and bottom line performance.



Coffeen Management Company offers various types of theft products to help ensure peace-of-mind, including:

  • Deterrent
  • Recovery
  • Lot Protection
  • Identity Theft



Coffeen Management Company offers an unmatched tire and wheel products—with no aggregate limit. Moreover, our product covers what most competitive products do not including sidewall, cosmetic damage and curb damage.



Coffeen Management Company excels in offering reliable vehicle service contracts through “A+ rated” insurance companies. Providing unmatched service, protection and peace of mind, our vehicle service contracts include coverage for both new and used vehicles. We also offer products for high mileage and service drive only, as well as luxury vehicle coverages. For added flexibility, dealership personnel have the ability to offer customers a combination of coverages and terms that best suit the customer’s driving habits.



Windshield Repair and Replacement covers stars, chips or cracks to the front windshield caused by road hazards. The windshield protection application reduces glare, improves clarity, and increases impact resistance – providing more durability and peace of mind.

  • A professional technician will repair damage to the windshield.
  • If damage is irreparable, the windshield will be replaced.
  • Saves on costly windshield deductible.
  • Coverage available for OEM glass options and rain sensors.